Royal fans furious over Queen continuing light duties as she battles Covid

Royal fans have raised concerns over the Queen contracting Covid after they beg her to “rest” after Buckingham Palace revealed she would continue “light duties”.

Her Majesty, 95, is said to be experiencing mild cold-like symptoms and is currently self-isolating at Windsor Castle.

However, officials at the Palace have worried users on Twitter after revealing she would continue working in some capacity.

The announcement has led to many calling for the Queen to “rest” and to take a “duvet day”.

Buckingham Palace said in a statement on Sunday: “Buckingham Palace confirm that The Queen has today tested positive for Covid.

“Her Majesty is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but expects to continue light duties at Windsor over the coming week.

“She will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all the appropriate guidelines.

The Queen is the latest member of the Royal Family to test positive for Covid following Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

One Twitter user said: “Oh come on, I'm no royalist but she's got Covid and she's bloody 95 years old, let the lass have a duvet day.”

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Another commented: “She’s 95 years old, with Covid and working. Surely our queen is allowed a few days off to rest! I was unmovable, wrapped in blankets sipping tea for days with Covid.”

While another user said: “‘Light duties’. The Queen is still working at 95 and has Covid. Surely she could take a few full days off and no one would fault her for it. Wishing her rest and a speedy recovery.”

While others believed someone should be taking charge and telling her to take it easier.

A user said: “The Queen is so frail now and has COVID. She's 95! Please take a break, your Majesty! If she were my gran, I'd be forcing her to rest and take it easy.”

Although the exact duties the Queen will be carrying out are unknown, it is expected Her Majesty will hold a telephone audience with the Prime Minister and conduct virtual audiences this week.

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Palace officials have also confirmed a number of the Queen’s team have also been hit by the virus.

The Royal Household has its own royal physicians and the Queen’s doctors will be on hand to take care of and monitor the head of state, with Professor Sir Huw Thomas, head of the Medical Household and Physician to the Queen, expected to be in charge.

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