Roman Abramovichs assets in the UK – including £10,000 he owes the Queen

Roman Abramovich has had all of his UK assets frozen after the Chelsea FC owner was slapped with big government sanctions.

The Russian oligarch has a number of UK properties and is also said to owe the Queen £10,000 in rent.

Due to his links with Russian president Vladimir Putin, Abramovich was sanctioned after the government highlighted his stakes in the steel company Evraz.

It is claimed that Evraz steel has been used in the making of Russian tanks, currently engaged in the war in Ukraine, in which thousands have died and millions have been forced to flee their homes.

Abramovich responded to the sanctions by saying it is "ludicrous to suggest that our client has any responsibility or influence over the behaviour of the Russian state".

His UK assets have been frozen, so what are they?

What are Roman Abramovich's UK assets?

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Roman Abramovich owns a host of properties in the UK, as well as complete control of football club Chelsea.

Chelsea has been bearing the brunt of the asset freeze and, though able to continue to pay players and play matches, is not allowed to trade in any way including selling tickets to fans or opening its club shop.

The club is desperately looking for new owners amid reports they are due to run out of cash soon, with billionaire businessman Nicky Candy rumoured to be among some of the frontrunners.

What UK properties does Roman Abramovich own?

Due to his close ties with the UK, Abramovich also owns a number of properties in the country, including a luxurious Kensington mansion.

The 15-bedroom home is just behind Kensington Palace and is believed to be worth around £150 million.

The house, bought in 2009 for £90 million, is placed on the so-called 'billionaires row' in London, which also hosts the Russian embassy.

It is not his only London home; the oligarch also owns a Thames-side penthouse worth around £22 million in the Chelsea waterfront tower.

Another property, Cheyne Terrace, was bought for £8.75 million in 2017 and has a temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Why does Roman Abramovich owe the Queen?

It is reported that Abramovich may owe the Queen around £10,00 in rent money due to his property being on Crown lands.

With his assets frozen, Abramovich is unable to operate cash in the UK and his Kensington mansion may owe the Crown Estate rent for the land it sits on.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the rent money owed may put his property at risk and it is understood that the Crown Estate could sue him and confiscate the property if it cannot be paid.

As the Daily Star reported, the sum could reportedly rise to £160,000-a-year at a later date.

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