Rock climber plummets to his death after rope sliced by huge boulder

A rock climber has tragically died after his climbing rope got sliced by a huge falling boulder.

Benjamin Kessel, 34, fell 150ft to his death when the huge rock severed the rope.

His tragic death occurred as he climbed a New Hampshire cliff, when the "rock the size of a refrigerator" fell from above, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Mr Kessel from Massachusetts died on the afternoon of September 20, reports the New York Post.

“The rock then slid over the climbing rope, severing it and knocking the climber approximately 150 feet down the cliff before becoming lodged in small spruce trees,” said Fish and Game Department.

Emergency services rushed to the scene to locate Mr Kessel's body, along with his climbing party.

His climbing partner called authorities after the fall, and around 30 people were part of the rescue mission.

The "avid rock climber" was a control systems engineer at Ivenix in North Andover who liked to travel, revealed his uncle.

“He was obviously running circles around us in the outdoor field, but when he was with his uncles and his aunts and his mother … he would always be very happy to stay back with us, not run ahead, and be very patient,” Martin Kessel, 71, told the Globe. “He just loved to be with us and have the experience together.”

Mr Kessel's aunt, Beverly Rich, thanked rescuers and said the family was "immensely grateful."

Though he liked to travel solo, he had paired up with other climbers for safety reasons, said Ms Rich.

She added: “He was very meticulous about his safety.

“He had the best equipment and was always very, very careful. Unfortunately, there’s nothing he could have done to prevent what happened.”

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