Raunchy museum wont let guests enter exhibit unless theyre totally naked

An X-rated museum in France is refusing entry to guests and tourists who are not prepared to strip themselves naked before entering.

Stripping to their birthday suit and nothing more to gain entry, a drink and a chat about their experience at the macLYON event, the 90-minute exhibition hopes to stun its guests.

The museum for contemporary art in Lyon plays host to the deconstruction of René Descartes' famous 'I think, therefore I am' quote in a new body of works.

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Integral to the experience is the need to strip down nude, according to a spokesman for the exhibit who wants people to "question the issue of the body".

macLYON's spokesman said: "Our idea is to question the issue of the body in a given space, to see how bodies interact with other bodies."

His comments were backed by branch chairman Frédéric Martin, who wanted the "focus" of the exhibition to be that of a "social artifice".

He said: "It's interesting to experience an exhibition totally naked. That makes us focus on our own perception of ourselves, with a social artifice."

With the completely nude exhibition hoping to deconstruct ideas of the body, chairman Martin said it is "not to cause panic in politer society," Daily Mail reported.

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The exhibit, named Incarnations, is set to run until July 9 and will then begin its second act in September 2023 to address confrontations between body and environment.

Incarnations is a long-standing exhibition, with attendees expected to strip off and fold their clothes up in a cloakroom before heading into the art installation.

A fellow French museum ran a similarly-themed exhibition earlier last year, with the Maillol Museum in Paris featuring a series of events for nudists to view incredibly realistic nude sculptures.

The Paris Naturist Association welcomed the idea and it would seem the exhibition is keen to capture the thoughts of Paris' 2.6 million-strong community of naturists.

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