Rapping Albanian gangsters intimidating Brit rivals with TikTok torture vids

Albanian drug gangs have posted brutal TikTok videos as part of a "secret suburban war" for control of the UK cannabis market.

The clips, some of which have racked up more than 10,000 views, show the cruel violence to which the gangs subject their victims, using kidnappings and beating to assert their authority.

In one video captioned "evil comes from us", a gang member is seen interrogating a victim who has black swollen eyes, coercing him into confessing he broke into one of their cannabis houses in Slough, Berkshire, and revealing who had sent him.

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In the same video, another man threatens the captive with more beatings before forcing him to open his mouth, showing him how many of his teeth have already been broken, MailOnline reported.

Another clip which has since been deleted shows a bloodied man being brutally beaten by thugs while one of the gangsters yells in Albanian: "Torture him until he names the rest of his gang."

Cries of "kill him, do not let him go" are also heard.

Before being deleted the post was captioned: "The thief of the cannabis house in England was caught by the Albanians," and had amassed a whopping 10,000 views.

Criminologists believe the crooks are using social media not only to scare off rival gangs but also to attract new recruits.

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Tirana University criminology professor Ervin Karamuço said: "These posts are not just to intimidate but also to advertise themselves as the strongest crime groups to encourage new recruits.

"It's a kind of competition. They are fighting for control of areas and saying 'we are much stronger than the rival gang, so join us'.

"These groups already control large areas of suburban London and other parts of the country.

"They are very violent. They have nothing to lose. They just want to take control and get rich."

In another harrowing clip, one of the gangsters is seen waves an axe at the camera and raps in English: "Remember this, every time I see the kid, gonna regret what he did."

In a fourth, a masked gang armed with machetes, knives and hammers smashed through the front door of one of the famous cannabis houses which the video alleges is in London.

This comes amid reports that drug crimes in the UK are on the rise.

Just last month three Albanians – Redjon Murati, 28, Glen Xhaferri, 26, and Anis Plauku, 29 – were thrown in jail after police found they had almost £300k between them in cannabis and cash.

And Karamuço added that the gangs weren't likely to let up any time soon and have been attempting to draw in new recruits by flashing their wealth, showing off their expensive cars and luxury goods on the same social media platforms where they reveal their violent ways.

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"At the beginning these groups were just using guns, now they are using technology," Karamuço said.

"They are becoming cleverer and more sophisticated with very smart guys who know the best way to exploit social media. It's very organised.

"They also use social media to traffic new gang members into the UK."

According to MailOnline, people traffickers are also offering illegal migrants the opportunity to work in these secret cannabis houses, found up and down the country, to pay off their debt upon landing in the UK.


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