Queen’s guard frightens tourist screaming ‘get off the fence’ at Tower of London

A Queen's guard has been filmed frightening tourists as he yelled at them for being on the fence at the Tower of London.

In the video, which has gained more than 304,000 likes, the soldier was seen marching over to the fence and stamped his feet twice before yelling: "Get off the fence!"

The tourist let out a scream as he continued his march to the right before turning to return to his post, during the incident which took place in August, when the guards still belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

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Her 73-year-old son King Charles III was proclaimed King on September 8, with his wife Camilla becoming Queen Consort.

The interaction, posted on TikTok by Emelina Aletheia, left some viewers confused as they took to the comments asking "Why are they so mean?" and branding the guards "dramatic."

However, Brits took to the comments to defend the guard as they explained that the guards are soldiers, not just someone in a costume for display.

One user commented: "People think they're just doing a job in a uniform for tourists These are actually highly trained and experienced soldiers on duty."

Another added: "I watched so many of these kinds of vids and it must be so tiring for these guards always to be bothered by tourists. Needed to yell every day."

A third said: "Doing what needs to be done. Nothing wrong with that."

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The Ministry of Defence has been contacted for a comment on this incident.

The news comes after the British Army defended a member of the Queen's Guard for shouting at a tourist who attempted to touch the reins of his horse.

In a now-viral video posted to TikTok, the soldier can be heard bellowing "Stand back from the Queen's lifeguard, don't touch the [horses] reins" after the woman gets too close.

The video, which was captioned "We Will Never Return To London After This Incident", has sparked fierce debate over whether the soldier was in the right to scream at the tourist.

You can leave your tributes to Queen Elizabeth II here.


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