Queens death saw polar opposite responses from Charles and Harry, says expert

King Charles and Prince Harry exhibited very different public reactions to the death of the Queen, according to a body language expert.

The new King and Queen Consort Camilla were seen leaving Balmoral for London the morning after the 96-year-old monarch had passed away at her Scottish estate.

A little earlier, Harry had boarded a plane back to Windsor, while laying a supportive hand on an airport employee.

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Body language expert Judi James found both men's demeanours revealing, saying King Charles looked "isolated and silent in grief".

He sat in the back seat of the chauffer-driven car, with Camilla in the front seat, for the drive to Aberdeen airport.

Judi told The Mirror: "While his youngest son left Balmoral alone to fly back to his wife, Charles sat in his car behind Camilla, looking almost as though he needed to be isolated and silent in his grief at the present time.

"His facial expression bore some signs of shock, which can be normal, even after an expected death.

"He sits slightly hunched and diminished and, with his steepled brows and his cheeks and mouth pulled back slightly at the corners, his eye expression suggested tearfulness."

According to Judi, it was a different story for Prince Harry when he arrived at Aberdeen Airport and looked "in need of conversation and a hug".

Harry kindly put a supportive hand on an airport employee before getting on a plane back to London – showing he was still thinking of others in his moment of grief.

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Judi told us: "Harry’s body language suggested he was in need of conversation and some more tactile forms of condolence and support. After waving to some airport workers, he chatted to another as he walked to his plane.

"In a time of communal mourning, it's likely the woman was upset herself, and Harry's parting gesture of placing one hand on her back with a small rubbing ritual did suggest he was offering a very touching gesture of mutual condolence.

"It's likely his gesture also implied a desire for a hug himself which he will presumably get once he touches down and meets up with Meghan again."

The prince was in the UK this week with wife Meghan Markle to attend the WellChild Awards on Thursday evening.

He had flown into Aberdeen Airport alone, hours after his brother and two uncles flew together to the same airstrip.

A spokesperson for the couple had initially said Meghan would be joining her husband travelling north, but it was later decided she would remain in London.

You can leave your tributes to Queen Elizabeth II here.


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