Queen joked with American tourists at Balmoral – but they didnt recognise her

The Queen is spending the summer at her favourite holiday home, Balmoral Castle – the sprawling estate nestled in the Scottish highlands.

Each year she travels here for her annual holiday, in which she enjoys a low-profile lifestyle with picnics, dog walks, and hosting the rest of the family.

And it turns out her efforts to slip under the radar once worked so well that a group of American tourists exploring the grounds of Balmoral failed to recognise her when she came across them.

Her former protection officer spoke to The Times, where he revealed that the tourists asked the Queen whether she lived in the area, with her replying to tell them she had a house nearby.

The group, reports the Mirror, even went on to ask her if she had ever met the Queen – to which she replied: "No, but this policeman has."

She then gestured towards the former officer, who worked with the monarch for over 30 years.

He said the group then moved on, having no idea that they had just come face-to-face with Queen Elizabeth II.

This year, the Queen's stay at the Scottish estate will mark the first summer holiday she has had without her late husband, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, by her side, after his death aged 99 in April.

The couple spent part of their honeymoon at Balmoral in 1947.

Luckily, she is unlikely to be alone for very long, as members of the Royal Family are usually invited to spend time with Her Majesty at the castle every summer.

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A picture released following Philip's death showed the Queen and her late husband surrounded by their great-grandchildren at their Scottish home.

But despite it being a holiday, the monarch still gets to work overseeing Government papers, which are sent up to her by private secretaries in the red boxes used by ministers to carry important and confidential documents.

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