Queen Elizabeth II gave Meghan Markle dressing down after Duchess tasted egg

Back in 2018, Queen Elizabeth II gave Meghan Markle a dressing down over a snide remark over the food she made while dining at Windsor Castle, a Royal author claimed.

The comment and subsequent reprimand took place in May 2018, author Katie Nicholl reported, just as the Princess of Sussex was due to wed Prince Harry.

Nicholl alleged Meghan was taste-testing some of the food that was going to be served at the reception when she "got very upset" after saying she "felt that she could taste egg" in one of the dishes.

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Nicholl told Yahoo's Royal Box at the time the Duchess of Sussex was told there wasn't any egg in the food but she is believed to have snapped: "no, I can taste it."

"Meghan got very upset when she felt that she could taste egg in a dish when she was told there was no egg in there, and she said, 'No, I can taste it, I can taste there's egg in this dish,'" Nicholl wrote.

Queen Elizabeth II then walked into the room to the commotion and "quietly took Meghan to the side".

The late Queen is then alleged to have told Meghan that "the Royal Family does not speak to people like that," Nicholl said.

"I think there was a bit of an upset when suddenly the Queen walked in, because of course, this was Windsor Castle, this is her home," she said.

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"And she just quietly took Meghan to the side and said, 'Meghan, in this family we don't speak to people like that."

Rumours of the Princess of Sussex's curt way of talking to staff came to the fore after claims of bullying emerged about the Duchess of Sussex, allegedly raised by her former communications secretary, Jason Knauf.

Meghan and her representatives have consistently denied all such allegations, with them previously being described as a "calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation".

A spokesperson for Meghan at the time said of the allegations: "Let's just call this what it is – a calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation. We are disappointed to see this defamatory portrayal of The Duchess of Sussex given credibility by a media outlet."

Meghan recently revealed she will not be attending King Charles coronation on May 6 though husband Prince Harry will be, despite a much soured relationship between him and the rest of the Royal Family.

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