Putins troops drop banned ‘Butterfly Mines’ on towns to kill Ukraine civilians

Russian troops invading Ukraine are dropping banned "Butterfly Mines" onto towns to kill civilians, reports have suggested.

Despot Vladimir Putin's soldiers are waging a new bout of grim warfare on the civilians of Ukraine, with the PFM-1 high explosive mines scattered around a town.

Those same mines, which can lead to fatal injuries, dismemberment and can even be dropped alongside rockets and mortars, are now being found by Ukrainians on park benches and in the forests.

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The toy-like mines are dropped from airplanes, with the design allowing them to float slowly to the ground, with an explosive capsule lodged into one side of the device.

Just 5kg of pressure is believed to be more than enough to set off the butterfly mine, with the shapes designed to be appealing to children who may stumble onto them, The Sun reported.

Images from the scene showed several of the mines had landed in the town of Hrakove, Kharkiv.

Hidden in the grass, the dangerous Russian mines had been left around the area, with charity workers now attempting to remove as many of the tiny devices as they can.

Ukrainian officials have reported several injuries and amputations from the mines, including five children who were horribly injured by the Butterfly Mines.

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A woman trained to clear the mines known as Banderivka said: "Soldiers and civilians are still getting injured by these mines – the Russians sometimes cover them up as they retreat so we don't even see them.

"When you see one – you know there around another 700 of them around you. The worst thing about them is kids are drawn to them – they look like a plastic toy on the ground – and sometimes they pick them up.

"Once you step on them you will easily lose your toes, or your heel – god forbid children touch them."

Ukraine had signed up to the Ottawa Treaty banning the disgusting bombs before the war broke out and scrapped their stockpile, which Russia refused to do after rejecting the treaty.

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