Putins gymnast lover proudly wears Z brooch in support of Ukraine bloodshed

The lover of Russia's despotic president Vladimir Putin has seemingly showed her support for the murderous invasion of Ukraine in a rare appearance at a new sports centre.

Gold-medal winning Olympic gymnastics star Alina Kabaeva, 39, was attending the opening of a new complex in Sochi, which also featured the Divine Grace international gymnastics tournament.

And despite not specifically mentioning Putin or the invasion – or her partner's health issues – what she wore on the Friday (December 2) gave an insight into her thoughts on it.

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For she was seen on stage wearing a ‘Z’ insignia – a symbol which has become synonymous with the barbaric actions unleashed in the conflict.

In her speech in Sochi she did not mention the war, but allowed her jewellery to do the talking.

Kabaeva is seen as being Putin’s girlfriend since 2008 when he was married to former Russian first lady Lyudmila Putina.

She rarely appears in public and showbiz outlet paparazzi.ru suggested she has undergone new plastic surgery before opening a new gymnastics centre at Sirius as well as an international tournament called Heavenly Grace.

“Everyone noticed her appearance had changed,” said a report.

“Alina clearly needs to do something with her plastic surgeons.

“Attempts to narrow her naturally wide face have so far delivered questionable results.

“With each public appearance her face ‘melts’ more, and becomes more asymmetrical.”

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Russian showbiz outlet Starhit described her as looking “slimmed down, with an elegantly shaped face”.

Kabaeva was seen with the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, who sported a smaller ‘Z’ badge.

She thanked Gazprom for pouring cash into the complex.

Reports say that an unofficial tax on major oligarchs was imposed by Putin to build the complex and its elite academy which – unusually – is administered directly from the Kremlin and not by the regional government.

Putin also visited the site last week for a meeting with young scientists.

Reports say it is his “favourite” school in all Russia, and there are rumours it was opened in 2015 for his own children with Kabaeva.

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