Putins dogs he uses to terrify visitors — including one he turned to for advice

Russian President Vladimir Putin has let slip the dogs of war in his stuttering attempt to invade Ukraine.

Despite warmongering against the Ukrainian people, the Kremlin incumbent is known to be an animal lover who is particularly fond of dogs.

He has kept a number of four-legged friends during his time as Russia’s leader.

Tragically, he treats his own animals in a more humane way than his troops behave towards Ukrainians.

Since the attack on Kyiv started in February, there have been accusations of war crimes, including torture and execution of civilians, made against the invading forces.

In stark contrast, his beloved Labrador Konni reportedly enjoyed slices of meat in her morning porridge.

Putin cannot have thought that the war against Ukraine would still be raging upon his 70th birthday on October 7.

But a fierce resilience and defence by the Ukrainians of their homeland, means the dictator-in-all-but-name will enter his eighth decade having just mobilised further Russians to join the incursion and possibly go to their deaths.

Rather than celebrating, the former KGB agent will be looking for new ways to end the war — and could possibly ask his dogs for advice, if past behaviour is anything to go by.

How many dogs does Vladimir Putin have?

The politician is said to have four dogs at present. In what has become a bizarre custom, all of them have been gifted to him by foreign leaders or other nations.

He has Buffy, a caramel and white shepherd Karakachan male, which was gifted to Putin when the animal was only 10 weeks-old during a visit to Bulgaria in November 2010.

Bulgarian prime minister Boyko Borisov handed over the pet, which had been named Buffy by a five-year-old boy during a nationwide competition.

Two years later, he was gifted Yume, a female Akita puppy.

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The three-month-old dog was given to him by Tokyo, Japan, in July 2012 as a way of showing gratitude for Russian assistance after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Yume means “dream” in Japanese.

Putin was given a third dog, Verni, in 2017. Verni was a birthday gift from Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, president of Turkmenistan, during a meeting in Sochi in October 2017.

The dog is an Alabai, a top Turkmen-bred variety of the Central Asia shepherd dog.

The name Verni means faithful or loyal in Russian.

The latest mutt that Putin acquired is Pasha, who joined the family in 2019.

Pasha is a Sarplaninac puppy that was handed over by the Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić during an official visit in January 2019.

When he took office in 2000, the Putin family had two poodles, Tosya and Rodeo.

They reportedly stayed with his ex-wife Lyudmila after their divorce.

Konni (1999-2014)

Possibly the most well-known of all Putin’s hounds, Konni was often seen on the world stage.

Konni, a black Labrador Retriever, is said to have been Putin's most treasured pet, having been given the full name of Connie Leod Paulgrave.

When explaining his occasional bad moods, Putin once said: "In those situations I try to consult with my dog Konni, who gives me good advice."

Trained to be a search and rescue dog, Konni was born at a cynology centre at the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Noginsk in 1999.

Konni was given to Putin as a gift by Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu in December 2000 and quickly became an important part of the family.

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The pooch was constantly at Putin's side — including when meeting other world leaders.

Putin was known to use Konni to intimidate and insult his rivals.

When former German chancellor Angela Merkel was at Putin's seaside home in Sochi in 2007 to discuss energy supplies, he invited Konni into the room even though she was scared of dogs.

The ex-leader was known to fear dogs after being attacked and bitten by one in 1995.

Merkel was said to have frozen while looking visibly uncomfortable when Konni started sniffing her, before sitting down at her feet.

One witness described how Putin smirked and "enjoyed the moment" as he watched his pet terrify his guest.

He asked Merkel: "The dog does not bother you, does she? She's a friendly dog and I'm sure she will behave herself."

Putin later apologised and told German newspaper Bild he did not know Merkel was not a dog fan.

Former US president George W. Bush has also given insight into an awkward exchange he had with Putin over their pets.

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When Bush was hosting Putin in America, he introduced the Russian leader to his Scottish Terrier Barney — but Putin did not think much of the small mutt.

The following year, Bush and his wife Laura visited Putin's residence at Novo-Ogaryovo and Konni was there to greet them.

Bush told an audience Q&A years later: "I'll never forget, out runs a huge Russian hound. And Putin says 'Bigger, stronger, and faster than Barney'."

Bush would later tell the story to Canadian prime minister Stephen Harter, who responded: "At least he only showed you his dog."

Sadly, it was reported that Konni — who had a litter of pups in 2003 — had died in late 2014 at the age of 15.


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