Putins devastating losses laid bare as Russian casualties hit 100k in 100 days

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Death and injury figures are always difficult to attain during war time, with either side attempting to inflate or deflate numbers to suit their narrative. But commentators have insisted that even if the latest figures from Ukrainian authorities on Russian losses are far higher than reality, they are bad news for the Kremlin.

A post published by the Ukrainian Embassy in Finland suggested that, after 105 days of the war, 31,500 Russian soldiers had been killed.

Defence analyst Nicholas Drummond responded on Twitter that “even if [the figures] are over optimistic, they are unlikely to significantly overestimate actual losses”.

He added: “If Russia has 30,000 dead, it will likely have a further 60,000-70,000 injured.

“That’s 100,000 casualties… in 105 days.”

The Ukrainian authority also shone a light on estimated equipment losses suffered by Russia in the war so far.

It said more than 200 aircraft had been destroyed, as well as almost 1,400 tanks and 13 boats/cutters.

A further 3,400 armoured personnel vehicles, 700 artillery systems and 2,400 vehicles and fuel tanks have perished, the Embassy added.

Mr Drummond stressed that “these numbers have not been verified”.

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Ukrainian officials also noted that they were “preliminary numbers”.

But the analyst added that even if the figures have been partially overestimated, they remain “mind boggling”.

Writer Rohin Nagrani added: “The numbers are truly staggering even if remotely true.”

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Moscow has made it difficult for its own citizens to gain an understand of the extent of the suffering being caused to their forces in the ongoing war.

The Kremlin has only occasionally released figures on the latest death counts.

Those who spread “false” information about the war have also been threatened with 15 years in jail.

Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin insisted early on in the war that there must be a “very tough” response to those who “make statements which discredit our armed forces”.

It has also been difficult to ascertain figures about Ukrainian losses.

Volodymyr Zelensky this week said his forces were now losing 60 to 100 soldiers each day in combat.

It will likely be some time after the war when more founded figures will become realised.

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