Putin warns hell use nukes if necessary after Russian ship enters Nato waters

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Vladimir Putin says he’s prepared to use nukes to defend Russia – even though he insists he isn’t issuing a threat.

But the dictator – who remains the subject of rumours about his health – has been branded a “bully” after sending one of his warships into Nato waters.

In a speech at an economic summit, Putin said: “"We are not threatening! But everyone needs to know that we have it and we will use it if necessary to protect our sovereignty."

Despite his claim that he doesn’t pose a threat, there’s no sign of his botched invasion of Ukraine coming to an end any time soon – and he unleashed an “unacceptable Russian provocation” when he sent the ship into Danish waters, reports the Express.

The corvette crossed the boundary early on Friday, near the island of Christiansoe in the Baltic Sea.

Danish foreign minister Jeppe Kofod: "It has been communicated in very clear terms to the Russian ambassador that this type of action is completely inadmissible.

“We will not accept this type of Russian provocation."

He added in a Twitter post: "It is an extremely irresponsible, rude, and completely unacceptable Russian provocation. These bullying tactics do not work in Denmark."

Putin’s assurances that he isn’t a threat came as one of his loyal puppet TV hosts said Russia was ready for a “colossal war” and would use "100 missiles a day".

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The dictator’s “threatening non-threat” about the use of nukes came in a speech at the St Petersburg economic Forum – a Russian equivalent of the Davos gatherings that attract world leaders and some of the most financially-significant global figures.

Putin has gone ahead and hosted the economic forum despite the fact Russia is the most sanctioned country in history following February's attack on Ukraine.

Western sanctions have had a massive impact on Russia’s economy. Politicians, business leaders and other wealthy members of Putin’s circle have had billions of dollars-worth of assets frozen while a host of businesses have pulled out of the country.

Despite Putin’s bravado, many analysts believe the country is now on its knees economically.

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