Putin to be taken out and silenced before war crimes trial, claims expert

Russia's despotic war-mad President Vladimir Putin will be “taken out and silenced” before ever appearing before a court for war crimes, an expert has claimed.

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin earlier this month.

He is being hunted for war crimes committed in Ukraine throughout the more-than year-long invasion of the country.

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And while he seems unfazed by it – as most countries friendly to Russia don't actually recognise the ICC at all – there appears to be worry within Russia that this could lead to serious issues.

Vlad Mykhnenko, an expert in the post-communist transformation of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union at Oxford University, told Newsweek: "Given Putin's extensive connections across Europe and what he could potentially tell the judges about corruption and dodgy dealings between Moscow and major Western capitals, there will be a lot of incentive to silence him before The Hague.”

He went on to claim that a Silovik – which is Russian for a person from the Russian army taking control – could arrest Putin in order to “get rid of him”.

He added: “A substitute could be easily conjured up, who could even promise 'to avenge' the loss of the dear leader, but just for a show.”

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It has long been rumoured that one of Putin's replacements could be former President and current deputy chairman of Russia's security council Dmitry Medvedev.

The former leader even claimed that he could be leader again one day.

However, Mr Mykhenko claims that this would be worse that Putin – and doesn't appear likely to return to power.

"He's jumped in to claim to be 'holier than the Pope', to be more Z warmonger than Putin himself, as if indicating – whatever happens to Putin – I could return to be number one, you can trust me, the ultra-patriot, I will show them.

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“In the same meeting with the heads of the Russian military-industrial complex, he also tried to bully them into working harder, 'produce 1,500 tanks this year or else,' by citing two of Stalin's World War II scary telegrams to various managing directors of tank and airplane factories, which threatened the 'lazy comrades' with death unless they'd fulfil the production quotas.”

The Kremlin has never commented on the future of Putin once the invasion ends, but rumours of his demise have been ramping up in recent months.

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