Putin targeted by dark magic with Etsy trader selling £24 Vlad voodoo dolls

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Vladimir Putin is known for his aggressive 'short-man syndrome' but Russia's leader has just got a whole lot smaller as a voodoo doll.

The president has become the target of dark magic and creepy superstition in the form of a sea of seven inch figures each impaled with pins.

In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a craftswoman from Florida, US is selling handmade Putin voodoo dolls for £23.89 so customers can "stick it to him" and prevent him causing more "chaos".

Di Di who sells arts and crafts on Etsy under the name BadCherrybyDD, told the Daily Star that Putin is already proving popular with 150 dolls sold.

According to research published by Brown University, the word Voodoo means spirits and the belief is a religious or magico-religious practice which aims to connect spirits with humans.

Traditionally a Voodoo doll works by someone pushing the pins into the entirety of its soft body which is a material incarnation of a person they can control.

She admitted that while she is not a firm believer in magical rituals, her customers are and have been snapping up the dolls to inflict suffering on the war-mongering tyrant.

In the description for the dolls Di Di says: "Keep Vladimir Putin from creating chaos. Stick it to him just like he's stuck it to the entire world."

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After advertising her eerie creations on Twitter, the Puerto Rico native told the Daily Star that Putin is the successor to dolls she has made of North Korea's Kim Jong Un and ex-US President Donald Trump.

Di Di said: "I don't believe in the power of voodoo dolls, but I think my clients do. I started doing the voodoo dolls in October 2014, (Adopt a Zombie) and then in 2016 a friend told me to do a custom and then I did Donald Trump Voodoo Doll.

"I don't vote, I am not part of any political party, I think is fun. I have Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Um, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, a Riot Police and Lebron James.

"I have different versions, full fabric and digital print with fabric. I probably sold 150 Vladimir Putin so far, but the best seller is Donald Trump and Joe Biden."

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A steak hilariously resembling Vladimir Putin's face has left people in fits of laughter, not least the bloke who spotted it.

An Aberdeen Angus sizzle steak being sold for £2.99 was photographed on the top shelf of the meat aisle at Aldi in Croydon, south London.

Musician Matt Gordon had his mates cracking up over a picture he took of the edible Putin lookalike but joked he stopped short of buying it through fear of repercussions from the Russian president.

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