Putin running a meat grinder for an Army and wont stop, says UK defence chief

Putin is 'running a meat grinder for an Army' and won't stop the war in Ukraine until he has achieved a victory, says UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace.

It comes as Russia's invasion of Ukraine approaches its one-year anniversary, with no sign of a either side backing down anytime soon.

Asked by LBC's Nick Ferrari if "we are going to be sitting here discussing this war in another 12 months", Ben Wallace replied: "I think we will."

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"I think Russia has shown a complete disregard, not only for the lives of the people of Ukraine, but for its own soldiers," he said.

"We are sitting here 12 months in and 188,000 Russian soldiers are dead or injured as a result of this catastrophic miscalculation and aggression by President Putin.

"When someone's crossed the line that they think it's okay to do that to your own people and is running effectively a meat grinder for an Army, I think he's not going to stop."

The Defence Secretary said Putin had failed miserably in his aim of controlling the whole of Ukraine.

The Russian Army has suffered heavy losses and it is thought Mad Vlad has committed around 97% of his available Army to the front line.

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On top of this, Russian military equipment has been decimated, with around two thirds of its tanks destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

Wallace said: "I think we see signs of when the Russian army can't manage to do anything else or do very much more.

"His three-day offensive is turned into his 365-day offensive and he has still not captured or held single one of objectives.

"The reputation of the Russian Army is in tatters, and he's isolated in the world. Even the Chinese treat him like the embarrassing uncle. They don't really want to speak to him."

Wallace was interviewed while at a British Army training camp in Dorset, where Ukrainian soldiers are being trained in how to operate British tanks.

The UK and other NATO allies have agreed to send tanks to Ukraine, but have so far stopped short of pledging fighter jets, despite recent pleas from Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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