Putin risks coup as dissent grows among Russian forces – Possibility grows every week

Ukraine: Counter-attack close to 'cutting off' Russian supplies

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The whistleblower is currently embedded “at the heart of Russian intelligence” and has divulged their findings to Vladimir Osechkin, a man high on Putin’s most wanted list for his exposé of conditions in Russian prisons, in the form of letters revealing “the chaos and discontent” that has “engulfed” Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

The risk taken by this whistleblower is a clear sign of “growing anger” towards Putin’s actions in Ukraine, claimed Mr Osechkin.

So far Mr Osechkin has published almost a dozen letters from the whistleblower.

According to the reports published in The Times, Putin has blamed his intelligence officers for the “botched” invasion of Ukraine, which has so far failed to make serious headway after a month of fighting.

FSB officers are also allegedly unhappy about the tough sanctions imposed on Moscow, as they can no longer “go on holidays to their villas in Italy and take their kids to Disneyland Paris”.

Those FSB officers “inside the system”, as Mr Osechkin describes, command high salaries and are referred to in Russia as “the new nobility”.

Mr Osechkin has lived in France in exile since 2015.

The 40-year-old Russian said: “For 20 years Putin created stability in Russia.

“FSB officers, policemen, state prosecutors – those people inside the system – were able to live good lives.

“But now that has all gone.

“They recognise that this war is a catastrophe for the economy, for humanity.

“They don’t want to go back to the Soviet Union.

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“For every week and every month that this war continues, the possibility of a rebellion by those in the security services increases.”

Mr Osechkin is the founder of human rights group Gulagu.net, and said the whistleblower had been in communication with him since October 2021.

They have given insight into the “total failure” of Russia’s war, likening it to the collapse of Nazi Germany.

Plans are being made to evacuate the whistleblower, as Mr Osechkin acknowledged they are putting themselves in grave danger.

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