Putin health fears grow as dictator spotted cruising along bridge in Mercedes

Evil Vladimir Putin was pictured tightly gripping the steering wheel of a German Mercedes in a bizarre propaganda release that showed the dictator cruising over the bridge that links Crimea to Russia.

The brutal despot could be seen consciously placing his hands in a rigid upright position to steer the vehicle, sparking further speculation that he is trying to hide his increasingly flailing health.

He has previously been spotted with his hands bruised and “shaking uncontrollably” amid rumours the former KGB man is terminally ill and has cancer.

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The bonkers Russian President has worked hard to maintain a masculine, hardman appearance but pictures have exposed his steady decline from an athletic spy who rides horses bareback to a feeble nutter who struggles to hold his arm out.

In the Kremlin-released clip, Putin is seen attempting to quash the rumours regarding his health with the deliberately tight grip as he drives along the Kerch Bridge, one of Russia's main supply routes into the Crimean peninsula and a symbol of Russian conquest in Ukraine.

The bridge was dramatically blown up in a suspected attack from the invaded eastern European country’s brave forces, with Putin racing to build it up again.

He had labelled the move as an “act of terrorism” and vowed to get revenge for the October attack – but since then, his war efforts have slowed even more and morale amongst his soldiers has collapsed with the dictator even facing threats of a coup.

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Odd footage now shows the Kremlin boss driving along the reconstructed bridge and asking his passenger, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, how many people had worked to get it fixed.

His crony replies: “500 people, three floating cranes, four barges and 31 pieces of equipment around the clock.”

As Putin zooms across the bridge he adds that he is driving on the right side because the left side “needs to be completed”.

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