Putin faces major defeat as Russia on track to lose Kherson

Putin faces 'major defeat' as Russia on track to lose Kherson

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Lord Dannatt discussed the intensity of the fighting between Russian forces and Ukraine’s military in the region of Kherson. The retired army officer explained that Russia had moved its more skilful troops to the region of Kherson to defend the occupied land. And claimed that if Ukrainian forces were to push Russia back from Kherson that it would be a major embarrassment to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The war in Ukraine has been ramping up as Ukrainian forces have been pushing back on the Russian onslaught on their land.

Lord Dannatt told Sky News: “The fight around Kherson is intensifying.

“It will appear that the Russians have moved some of their better troops to defend Kherson.

“And if it was to be lost, it’s a major… Major defeat a major embarrassment for Putin.

“As Kherson is the one major city that he has managed to capture so far, so on the battlefield the fight continues and at home, the fight continues.”

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Military intelligence in Ukraine reported that Putin has piled up to 40,000 Russian servicemen on the western part of the Dnipro river in Kherson.

It is hard for Russian soldiers to escape from where they are currently situated towards the Western part of the River.

A former US General has claimed that the Russian troops could be wiped out soon.

Lieutenant General Mark Hertling told CNN: “Russia is basically stacking their defences with new mobilised recruits.

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“But again, those recruits are absolutely untrained, terrible and joining units with low morale.

“So, what we’re seeing really is Russia feeding more meat to a meat grinder.

“And Ukraine will have increased challenges with countering those kinds of larger units because after all, quantity has a quality all of its own.”

Saldo said: “Due to the possibility of the use of prohibited methods of war by the Ukrainian regime, as well as information that Kyiv is preparing a massive missile strike on the Kakhovka hydroelectric station, there is an immediate danger of the Kherson region being flooded, (resulting in) the mass destruction of civilian infrastructure and humanitarian catastrophe.

“Given the situation, I have decided to expand the evacuation zone by 15 kilometres from the Dnipro … the decision will make it possible to create a layered defence in order to repel Ukrainian attacks and protect civilians.”

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