Putin could detonate a nuclear weapon in the Black Sea

Russia: Former navy officer warns about Putin nuclear threat

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It comes as Defence Secretary Ben Wallace cancelled giving evidence to MPs at short notice to head to the US capital to talk to his American counterparts for crisis talks. US President Joe Biden has claimed that the world is closer to nuclear war today than it has been at any point since The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Analysts fear that Putin could use a nuclear detonation as a warning shot to NATO not to get directly involved in the conflict.

Speaking to The Sun a security source said: “The threat has increased recently.”

On Monday Armed Forces Minister James Heappey was forced to admit that ministers and officials were having to discuss the possibility of a nuclear detonation.

He said: “We are at a time when these sorts of conversations are necessary”.

As Ukrainian troops appear to continue to have the upper hand in the ongoing conflict the possibility of Moscow conducting a nuclear strike may rise.

Western officials have warned that Putin and his generals are growing increasingly desperate amid continued battlefield losses and “significant failures of military leadership”.

Last month the Russian President said that the Kremlin was willing to use nuclear weapons in order to defend it’s “territorial integrity”.

On Monday, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Russia could use nuclear weapons to defend newly annexed areas in eastern Ukraine.

He said: “All these territories are inalienable parts of the Russian Federation and they are all protected.

“Their security is provided for at the same level as the rest of Russia’s territory.”

The claim comes as Russian forces continue to be driven back in eastern Ukraine.

A Western official told The Sun that Russia was gradually running out of missiles.

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They said: “Although Russian stocks are large they are by no means infinite.

“When you look at the number of missiles fired over the last few months, we are thinking here that this is an issue.

“Russia’s ability to continue with this saturating barrage of precision weapons is getting to a point now where this will be unsustainable.”

Another source claimed that Moscow was also short of officers in the field and at battlefield command level.

They said: “In the face of failure, there is a preference to scapegoat and sack individuals rather than rectify systemic faults.

“There is likely a critical lack of command continuity.

“This is more damaging than in Western military.”

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