Putin ally threatens to wipe Ukraine from face of planet

Elite Russian security officer says Putin’s offices are set up identically

The deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council has launched another bizarre rant in which he claims Ukraine will cease to exist because “no one needs it”. Dmitry Medvedev has been a close ally of Vladimir Putin ever since their days working together in the Saint Petersburg administration in the early 1990s. Under the patronage of the Kremlin boss, he rose to become a deputy prime minster before taking over as President in 2008 for a single four year term.

Many Russians regarded Medvedev then as Putin’s stooge, viewing him as a willing pawn in the former KGB officer’s political chicanery as he attempted to hold on to power.

Under constitutional laws at the time, no one political leader was able to run for more than two consecutive Presidential terms.

However, there was nothing stopping a third term after a period of four years out of office.

Medvedev was seen as keeping the presidential seat warm for his boss, and indeed decided not to run for re-election in 2012, handing back the keys of the Kremlin to his close friend.

This prompted a massive outpouring of public anger and led to street protests, the likes of which had never been seen before under Putin.

The protests were brutally suppressed and thousands were arrested as the Kremlin cracked its whip.

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine last year, Medvedev has been one of Putin’s most loyal and faithful attack dogs.

He has launched regular diatribes against the West and talked up the possibility of nuclear armageddon on more than one occasion, as well as questioning the right of Ukraine to exist as a nation.

In his latest contribution to “political debate”, the former deputy prime minister once again took aim at Ukraine’s status as a sovereign state.

He claimed that it will cease to exist because neither the USA, Europe nor Africa needed a “post-Soviet republic”.

He added that the country was “not needed by its citizens themselves”.

Medvedev once again falsely accused Ukraine as being headed by a “Nazi elite”, despite the President of the country being Jewish.

In language that closely resembled Nazi-era terminology, he branded the country’s political leaders as “under-Ukrainians”. The German Nazis called the Jews “Under people” (Untermenschen).

The former lawyer once again raised grievances over the disbandment of the Soviet Union, saying “traditional” Russian lands had been unjustly gifted to Ukraine in the wake of the collapse.

“The new Little Russia of the 1991 model is artificially cut territories, many of which are primordially Russian, accidentally torn away in the 20th century,” he claimed.

He referred to the “millions of our compatriots” living on those territories, and once again alleged they had been discriminated against, forcing Moscow to act to protect them.

Medvedev failed to mention how Russia was killing those very same “compatriots” through its indiscriminate bombing of civilian infrastructure in cities across the country – but particularly in the eastern and northern regions where most of the Russian-speaking population live.

Indeed, a Ukrainian refugee of Russian heritage called Nataliya told the Express last year how most of the Russian communities in her city had decisively turned against the Kremlin.

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The 35-year-old from Chernihiv was fleeing her home city with her two daughters last March.

She recounted stories of Russian soldiers raping women in the villages and murdering innocent civilians, as well as bombing residential areas.

She also told the Express how Russian artillery had deliberately shelled a school in the city where humanitarian aid was being handed out.

Nataliya said: “They (the Russians) waited until enough had assembled at the school where the aid was being distributed (and then opened fire).

“A lot of people died there. They were simply handing out humanitarian aid.”

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