Puppy shot in the head multiple times with air gun in the Waikato, Animal Control investigating

Waikato Animal Control is looking for information after a three-month-old puppy was found with multiple gunshots from an air gun in Whatawhata.

The stray female puppy was shot more than 10 times on the head, face and muzzle.

“We received reports of a stray dog living under someone’s cabin on Maori Point Rd, in Whatawhata. When we went to the property we found a young female pup, less than three months old, with air gun pellets in her face and muzzle, and other wounds to her head,” Animal Control Team Leader Tracey Oakes said.

“Due to the nature and location of her injuries we suspect she was tied up first before being shot,” Oakes added.

Animal Control have put notices in letterboxes around the area, appealing for information that can help them find who injured the puppy.

“We have told nearby residents so that they can keep a close eye on their pets, because we would hate to see this happening to another animal. We are also asking for people to let us know if they have any information that may help us find who is responsible for this cruelty so that we can pass it on to the relevant authorities.”

In a Facebook post, the Waikato District Council says the Animal Control team have named the puppy Sia, “(after the song Titanium) because she is bulletproof”.

This beautiful pup was shot more than 10 times with an air gun. Our Animal Control team found her in Whatawhata with air…

Sia is currently being cared for by the Waikato SPCA and is expected to make a full recovery, after undergoing several surgeries.

“She is currently receiving medical treatment but we expect her to make a full recovery. She has a loving, beautiful nature and will be rehomed when she has recovered.”

“We want to find the person responsible for this cruelty so if you’ve seen anything please let us know so that we can pass it on to the relevant agencies. You can phone us on 0800 492 452,” the team posted on Facebook.

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