Puppies found eating the charred remains of dead Russian soldiers on frontline

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A grim video has emerged of three adorable puppies gnawing away at the charred remains on a dead Russian soldier on the frontline in Ukraine.

The short clip emerged on Telegram and shows one pup sitting beside the carcass, while another bites at the inside of a set of ribs belonging to the fallen Russian.

A third pup darts over to the heavily decayed body. The level of decay suggests the body has been laying in the barren scrub for weeks.

"Those invaders who are now being buried in Russia are very lucky," the caption reads.

This follows news last week that Russians have been leaving their dead to "be eaten by dogs," according to an American veteran who flew out to Ukraine to fight the Russians.

James Vasquez flew out to the war-torn country earlier this month after pledging his services to the resistance on February 26, two days after the war broke out.

Mr Vasquez has been sharing information on the reality of life on the frontline.

He said: "Russians refuse to take their dead. Their fallen soldiers are left to be eaten by stray dogs.

"Another example of pieces of s****. Americans would never leave a man or corpse behind."

His comments are corroborated by Ukrainian General Dmytro Marchenko, who said Russian soldiers have become "dog food."

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Speaking to the Times, he said: “It’s unpleasant to say this, but their corpses are food for stray dogs.

“We’re not able to retrieve them because of continuing Russian fire in those areas.”

He added because of a “vast amount of intelligence” a lot of which was from the US, they can see the faces of the Russians soldiers in photos, including end even when they "go for a p***".

He said: “We guarantee we won’t shoot any Russian soldiers who give up.

“Also, we guarantee that no harm will come to Russian tank crews if they come toward our lines with their main guns turned away from us.

“If they have committed crimes, they will be tried but they will be alive. The rest of them will become dog food.”

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