Property tycoon leaves £80m to hairdresser daughter sparking feud with brother

A brother and sister are locked in a court battle over their property tycoon father's £100million will after the former complained that his former hairdresser sibling bulled their dad into getting the lion's share.

Toni and Guy-trained Louise Reeves, 35, was left £80million – 80 per cent of her dad's £100million – in dad Kevin Reeves' 2014 will, while her brother Bill Reeves was left just £200,000.

Mr Reeves claims his sibling has a passion for the "flashy" and finer things in life, and bullied her dad to getting her huge chunk of the fortune.

At the High Court, Louise denied Bill's accusations of bullying her dad and claims he saw her as the heir to his Southampton-based property empire.

He had four children – Louise and Bill, their estranged elder brother Mark, and half-sister Lisa Murray, who did not know her father until she was in her 20s.

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Bill is asking the High Court to recognise a will penned in 2012, which would give 10 per cent to Mark's two children, and the rest split between Bill, Louise and Lisa.

But in 2014, Kevin signed a new will, leaving Bill only about £200,000 worth of personal effects, with the rest split between his daughters, with Louise getting 80 per cent and Lisa 20 per cent.

It meant Louise would walk away with a vast personal fortune totaling up to £80m – as well as land and her dad's beloved Rolls Royce Phantom.

Bill, 47, now claims his "Jekkyl and Hyde" sister – who "likes money" and is drawn to "flash things" – was behind their dad's "inexplicable" decision to almost completely cut him out.

However, Louise denies being obsessed with money and says her dad wanted her to inherit most of his fortune, having groomed her for years to take over his property empire.

The will ended up in court after Bill – backed by Mark's son Ryan McKinnon, 24, – questioned the validity of the 2014 document.

He claims his dad could not possibly have fully understood what he was doing in changing his will so dramatically, cutting his inheritance from almost £30m to just £200,000.

Louise had been "dominant" over their father with whom she was living at the time – sometimes "flying into rages" – and ultimately he had been worn down, given in to her and left her the £80m, Bill claims.

As she argued that Louise is highly driven by money, Bill's barrister Constance McDonnell QC told the court about trips the daughter took with her dad to Spain.

The pair would "hire a car and drive around looking for villas to buy", she said.

Mr Dumont cited a lack of evidence to prove she coerced her dad.

And he claimed that Louise was the junior partner in the relationship, and "did what she was told" up until the day he died.

It was claimed that Kevin was being "cut out" because he had become a successful businessman in his own right and didn't need more money.

The trial continues.

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