Prisoner who spent 12 years in jail amazed after finding adult films are online

One of America's biggest jewel thieves, who got released from prison after spending over a decade of his life behind bars, was stunned to discover that porn could be accessed on the internet for free.

Larry Lawton was initially given an offer to serve a three-year sentence in exchange for disclosing his accomplices but refused to "snitch".

Instead, he chose to spend 12 years in jail before being released in 2007.

In the days that followed his eventual release, the former inmate saw a flip phone for the first time, thought he was being conned with "Monopoly money" and discovered that heaps of porn was available for free on the internet, LADbible reports.

The 59-year-old, who was the first ever ex-con to be made an honorary police officer in the United States, said: "The world changed, I mean, totally changed.

"I was away for over a decade, you know what changes?

"The guys were coming in [to prison, before he was released] saying 'wait til you see the internet'. I go 'what do you mean the internet, there's really no internet'."

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He continued: "He goes 'no, you wanna go for a porno?' I go 'well you got to go to Blockbuster', he goes 'no, no, no, you just go online, hit this and type whatever you want.'

"I'm not knowing, now he's starting to explain it and I'm like 'holy s***'. There's so much going through your mind."

When Larry was released he received $25 (£18.35) in what they call "gate money", which the suspicious ex-con believed was nothing but Monopoly money.

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In the time that Larry had been away, the look of money reportedly changed three times, leaving him confused at what he was being handed.

The ex-con became angry at the guards, reportedly stating "this ain't no f****** money", which got him brutally beat.

Lawton, who once made $150,000 (£110k) for 15 minutes' work during his first ever jewellery store robbery, said he was in disbelief when he first encountered a flip phone.

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While riding a bus shortly after his release, he sat next to a woman with a phone as he "hadn't seen one in eleven years" – noticing she was holding a flip phone.

The tough ex-con asked the woman if he could look at the futuristic phone and was reportedly perplexed at how his "fat fingers" could touch the little buttons.

After her phone was given back, she got off at the next stop.

Tuesday (August 24) marks 14 years since Larry was released from prison. since then he's gone on to write a book called Gangster Redemption and became the founder of The Reality Check Program.

He regularly posts about his crazy life on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

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