Prisoner Charles Bronson wants freedom by Christmas and says he wont kick off

Notorious British lag Charles Bronson says he hopes this Christmas will be his first as a free man for 48 years.

Bronson, 69, is currently locked up at HMP Woodhill, Milton Keynes, having had his sentence increased several times for assaults on inmates and prison guards, following his 1974 conviction for armed robbery.

As his 70th birthday approaches in December of this year, the lag has told the Daily Mirror that he could be out in time to celebrate pending a public hearing.

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Having his parole, or jam roll as Bronson puts it, repeatedly pushed back "is the nastiest game they have ever played", he fumed.

Speaking from prison, Bronson, who changed his name to Salvador behind bars in honour of Salvador Dali, one of his favourite artists, said he won’t “kick off” because it would only lead to more prison time.

And he revealed he wants to live out the rest of his days in Devon as a free man.

He said: “Every time my jam roll [parole] comes up for the last 30 odd years they start playing games and this is the biggest, cruellest, nastiest game they have ever played – ever.

“I was expecting my jam roll [parole] to be in July or August. It’s now two and a half years late.

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“They have now said it's been put back again to December 12 so by the time I go up, if I go up, as it's possible they could put it back again, that will have been three years of my life I may not have had to serve."

Bronson said he wants a public hearing so the public can see how "vindictive" the people are who have kept him in prison for no other reason than "retribution" he claims.

“It's an absolute disgrace. It’s a liberty," he added.

The brute also claims that prison staff are now waiting for him to lose patience and see red in another fit of rage that would keep him inside for even longer.

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Bronson was first locked up in 1974 for armed robbery and had his sentence increased several times for assaults on inmates and prison guards and has spent the majority of the last 48 years behind bars.

He was briefly released in the 80s but was caught plotting another raid and was jailed again.

Bronson went on to take two Iraqi hijackers and another inmate hostage at the high security Belmarsh Prison.

At one point during negotiations he demanded a cheese and pickle sandwich. He also reportedly threatened to eat one of his captives.

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During one rumble with prison officers he covered himself from head to foot in butter.

Those convictions led to a discretionary life sentence to be handed down to Bronson in 2000, with a minimum term of four years.

But now he says he’s turned over a new leaf as an artist.


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