Prince Williams nightmare over Charlotte as he parents with Kate in Denmark

Prince William has been left with his three kids while wife Kate Middleton is on a two-day trip to Copenhagen.

The notoriously hands-on couple adore their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and are keen for the three kids to have a very normal upbringing.

But like all parents they have experienced their fair share of ups and downs in the road of parenting, with the Duke of Cambridge speaking out on the hardships.

In 2016, William revealed his struggles with parenthood and the transitional period he went through after the birth of his eldest son, George, in 2013.

The Duke of Cambridge said: "The alteration from being a single, independent man to going into marriage and then having children is life-changing.

"George is a right little rascal sometimes, he keeps me on my toes, but he's a sweet boy.

"And Charlotte, bearing in mind I haven't had a sister, so having a daughter is a very different dynamic. I adore my children very much and I've learnt a lot about myself and about family just from having my own children."

Experts say that a few of the tricks Will has picked up, such as showing his children affection in public, rare for members of The Firm, will make all the difference to the "affection, love and safety" their children feel."

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Dannielle Haig, Principal Psychologist from DH Consulting said: "As a psychologist, it is well known that children need to feel affection, love, and safety from their parents to truly thrive and be happy in life."

One strategy William is keen to carry on is said to be getting his children to write thank you notes to anyone who has helped them.

But not every tip has been handy, with William speaking in 2019 about the "nightmare" of having to learn how to do a ponytail in his daughter's hair.

He said: "Never try to do a ponytail! Nightmare."

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