Prince William attended secret meetings in preparation for when Charles is King

Prince William had been attending covert meetings for some time in preparation for when is father would become king.

With King Charles III now on the throne, William is the heir apparent and in charge of the Duchy of Cornwall from his father, making him the Duke of Cornwall.

As per tradition, he is also known by the more common moniker of the Prince of Wales.

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The Duchy is worth hundreds of millions of pounds, providing an annual income of £21m to support the Prince, his family, and his philanthropic work.

William has for some time been attending meetings of the Duchy at Clarence House, some of which have been recorded in the Court Circular, indicating heavy preparation for his new role.

William now has additional duties to assist King Charles, and will even have to begin thinking about the time when he himself acceeds to the thrown.

According to Charlie Proctor, editor of Royal Central, William has had significant preparation before becoming Prince of Wales, making him fully equipped to take on the duties and responsibilities that come with it.

Charlie Proctor, editor of Royal Central, previously told the Star: "I think it is important to say that just like his father did, William is also preparing to become King.

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"There is no chance that William will be Prince of Wales for more than 60 years."

As time passes, William's presence in the royal family becomes more critical, and he will have to commit all of his working time to royal duties.

In the Royal Family, nothing is left to chance and the each member is rigorously prepared for inevitable eventualities.

The Queen's funeral for example was thought to be the culmination of some 20 years of preparation and planning.

The King's coronation next week will likely see Prince William play a very prominent role as he looks to establish himself over time as more and more of a statesman like figure.

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