Prince Harry makes claim Diana bought him Xbox in 1997 – 4 years before release

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    Prince Harry has claimed that his late mum Princess Diana bought him an Xbox in 1997, four years before the gaming console released.

    His odd claim comes from the upcoming memoir Spare, which is set for release on January 10 and features the claim that the Duke of Sussex received the Microsoft helmed console four years before release.

    The Duke's claim sets up a picture just days after the death of his mum, where he laments that everyone "moved on" after the death of the Princess of Wales.

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    It would appear that Princess Di had left a gift for Harry though, an Xbox console which had not released in 1997.

    The console had however released in November 2001, but saw a March 2002 release date for European markets, making Harry's gaming claim even stranger.

    He writes of the September 1997 period: "I was also, most often, alone. I liked people, I was gregarious by nature, but just then I didn't want anyone too close. I needed space.

    "Days after my return I had a birthday. September 15, 1997. I turned thirteen. By long-standing tradition there would be a cake, sorbet, and I was allowed to choose two flavours."

    Harry then recounts the gift he received from his late mum, given to him by an Aunt Sarah.

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    The Duke wrote: "I tore at the wrapping paper, the ribbon. I peered inside. 'Mummy bought it for you. Shortly before…' It was an Xbox. I was pleased. I loved video games.

    "That's the story, anyway. It's appeared in many accounts of my life, as gospel, and I have no idea if it's true. Pa said Mummy hurt her head, but perhaps I was the one with brain damage?"

    Prince Harry does say he has "no idea if it's true," and the release of the console four years after the cherished memory does poke a few holes in the claim, especially since the console was not announced until March 2000.

    That and other bombshells have been reported by Daily Star, with the Duke of Sussex claiming to have killed off 25 members of the Taliban forces while serving in the army.

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