Prince Harry accused of ‘stabbing Royal Family in the back’ by commentator

Prince Harry doesn’t understand that when he criticises the institution of the 'The Firm', he’s "stabbing the Royal Family in the back," a royal expert has controversially claimed.

Ingrid Seward is the editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine and one of the most prolific writers on the British royal family.

She says that Her Majesty the Queen "has not been brought up to deal with" emotional confrontations and she can’t cope with Harry and Meghan’s American-style openness.

Prince Andrew and this then-wife Sarah Ferguson complained about Her Majesty’s reluctance to get involved in emotional discussions, Ms Seward writes, "when it took a couple of months to actually get the Queen to listen to their marital problems".

Writing in The Sun, Ms Seward adds that when Harry’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, used to "tearfully approach her with a litany of woes," the Queen would keep her in a waiting room to "calm down" before agreeing to speak to her.

When Her Majesty uses palace staff as a screen to protect her from interruption as she gets on with her day-to-day duties, says Ms Seward, that is what courtiers have been doing for centuries.

And when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex expressed their dissatisfaction with the Royal Family in their controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey, she says, they were stabbing 'The Firm' in the back and not realising that the Queen and the firm are "basically the same thing".

Ms Seward went on to say Harry and his grandmother are close, and she only wants the best for him.

But what Her Majesty does not like, or even understand, is Harry’s American-style habit of "suing every time things go wrong".

That cultural difference, she suggests, is the real cause of the rift in the Royal Family.

And it could be a very long time before it’s healed.

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