Prince Charles less popular with public who are reluctant for him to be king

Prince Charles has been warned he "won't resonate with the British public" once he is king by an anti-monarchy campaigner.

As the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince of Wales is the heir apparent to the British throne and will succeed the longest-serving monarch.

But Prince Charles has been warned that his past will make it more likely for people to criticise him once he becomes king.

Graham Smith, CEO of Republic who campaigns in favour of the election of the next head of state in Britain, told "I think the Queen has played a part, she has been on the throne for so long people will imagine that's what the monarchy is about.

"Charles is a very different person, has a very different image.

"People are very reluctant to go into a critical discussion about the Queen but they are very happy to do that with Charles and that's not going to change when he becomes King."

As a result, Mr Smith believes the next King won't "resonate with the British public" once he follows in the Queen's footsteps.

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He added: "So we will have a King who doesn't resonate with the British public in any way, he doesn't appear to have any kind of link back to our past in a way I think people see the Queen has, and he is someone who people are very happy to have a go at, criticise and challenge and he has given people plenty of reasons to do that over the years."

Over the decades, critics have accused Prince Charles of meddling for his interest in a wide range of issues – including air pollution, climate change and worry about the inner cities.

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His tumultuous divorce from Princess Diana and the affair with Camilla have also been the focus of criticism.

Mr Smith continued: "We should be able to criticise everybody of course, but the Queen goes back to a time of much greater deference, so by the time deference started to evaporate it clung to her but didn't cling to her kids or grandkids.

"I think a lot of it is that she doesn't say anything in public, doesn't get involved in controversy, and she has that image of a sort of yesteryear royal, back to when people were seeing royals for royalty and the rest of us were commoner.

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"That attitude, I think, is gone and Prince Charles doesn't project that, he doesn't have that image."

Mr Smith added that while the Queen has remained a "blank canvas" for the public by not sharing her views on key issues, the Prince of Wales has "filled all gaps".

But a royal expert has pushed back on Mr Smith's argument, believing the heir to the throne has been able to create a role for himself and carry out important work in his unique position as longest-serving Prince of Wales.

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Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams conceded Prince Charles's reign will be different in many aspects from the one of the Queen.

However, he strongly believes the Prince of Wales has proven his worth for the country through his five-decade-long work.

"Despite a highly controversial private life, the Prince of Wales has done an enormous amount for charity, his Trust has helped over one million disadvantaged young people and his campaign for the environment is now mainstream," he told ExpressOnline.

"He has no constitutionally defined role as Prince of Wales so he has created his own, which has benefited so many causes."

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