Prince Charles’ 21st birthday present from Queen had key role at Kate’s wedding

Prince Charles will today mark his 72nd birthday in Germany with Camilla at his side as they attend the annual National Day of Mourning in Berlin.

The pair will also take part in the wreath-laying ceremony at the Neue Wache Memorial, before joining the Central Remembrance Ceremony at the German parliament, where the Prince of Wales will deliver a speech.

And the heir to the throne will no doubt be showered with love and gifts as his family mark his special day.

On his 70th birthday two years ago, he was jokingly given squirrel repellent to which he commented: “Where do you find these terrible things?”

But for his 21st birthday he was given an incredible gift from his mother, the Queen – a blue Aston Martin DB6 convertible.

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The car was later converted to run on bioethanol made from wine and cheese and went on to play a very special role at Prince William and Kate Middleton's 2011 wedding.

The newlyweds drove the sports car with the top down out of Buckingham Palace to Clarence House after tying the knot at Westminster Abbey.

It had been decorated by Prince Harry and other friends with streamers and balloons, as well as an “L” learner plate on the front and a number plate on the back that read: “JU5T WED”.

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A spokesman said at the time: “It was Prince William's idea to drive his new bride away from the official reception on their first journey as a married couple to his family home.”

Meanwhile, speaking about how the car runs on wine, Prince Charles previous told The Telegraph: “They discovered they could run it on surplus English white wine, but also I hadn’t realised that they had mixed whey into it too.

The engineers at Aston said, ‘Oh, it’ll ruin the whole thing.’ I said, ‘Well, I won’t drive it then,’ so they got on with it and now they admit that it runs better and is more powerful on that fuel than it is on petrol.”

He added: “And also, it smells delicious as you’re driving along.”

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