Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern fronts media after speech to farming body in Wellington

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will speak to media after delivering a speech to the Primary Industries Summit in Wellington this morning.

The speech will likely be forward-looking, letting farmers know what her Government’s plans are in the primary industry area.

The Labour Party had a number of agricultural-based policies in the 2020 election, including promising $50 million to support the transition towards greener farming.

Labour also promised to make apprenticeships and trades training in targeted areas free, giving primary sector employers a new stream of new workers to upskill and employ.

Ardern is also likely to tout her Government’s record and its achievements in the primary sector so far.

This might include the Government’s one billion trees programme, where the Government promised to plant 100 million trees a year over 10 years.

The latest data, however, shows the Government is not on track to reach this goal.
Meanwhile, Ardern will be quizzed by reporters on a number of areas.

She could face more follow up questions on her call with US President Joe Biden yesterday.
On that call, Biden he wants to “reinvigorate” New Zealand’s relationship with the US.

He also praised Ardern’s leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Ardern, Biden said he was keen for New Zealand to share its knowledge and experiences with the US, when it comes to the fight against Covid-19 – something Biden said was his number one priority.

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