Pressure mounting on Harry and Meghan over Netflix deals, royal expert claims

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are under growing pressure to “give their pound of flesh” to Netflix after signing a huge deal, a leading royal expert said.

The Sussexes announced they had signed a deal with the streaming giants in 2020, rumored to be in the region of $150million (£109m).

A series on Harry’s Invictus Games and a children’s series produced by Meghan are in the works – but the couple are still yet to release any content.

They have also only produced one podcast for Spotify since signing a deal believed to be worth up to $50m (£36m).

And, according to The Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers, bosses from both companies will soon be “wondering where their hard-earned dollars are going exactly”.

He appeared on Australia’s Today programme, where the hosts said: “Harry and Meghan are still making do financially on their own two feet, we believe.

“But pressure is mounting on them to deliver on this Spotify and Netflix deals. Big money is at stake.”

Russell responded: “Well, definitely. Why wouldn't it be?”

He went on to reference the huge deals the pair are believed to have sign, adding: “And where is the content? We have had one podcast so far, and that hasn't caught the world alight.

“And they have a promised Netflix show which I'm sure will be fantastic because it's all about the Invictus Games.

“But certainly the big bosses at the two streaming giants will be wanting their pound of flesh.

“And if they are not producing the goods, the big bosses will be wondering where their hard-earned dollars are going exactly.”

On Thursday (July 15), it was announced that Meghan will produce an animated series for Netflix named Pearl.

It follows the adventures of a 12-year-old girl who is inspired by influential women in history.

But one royal expert was quick to note a possible link between the show’s title and Meghan herself.

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