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Two highlights about working from home have been more time with my family and that I don’t fight I-25 traffic through central Denver. The state of Colorado’s roads is a favorite topic of conversation and a perennial issue we want addressed. But actually getting the money for any long-lasting, comprehensive statewide road maintenance plan has remained elusive.

Why and how have other states managed what Colorado has not is the topic of this Sunday’s big story by reporter Jon Murray.

Jon grew up in the metro area. He’s seen the change and covered many failed attempts to raise money for transportation in Colorado. With this story, he wanted to explore why it’s so hard to, as one failed ballot measure put it, “fix the damn roads.”

“I’d noticed over the years that while raising billions of dollars for anything is a challenge, other states seem to make a lot more progress than Colorado, and with a lot more ease,” Jon said.

As Jon and I discussed this story, I assumed TABOR, Colorado’s unique constitutional amendment that restricts the ability to create or change taxes, would be the overwhelming issue. But it is actually only a piece of the problem. Now, Colorado’s legislature, controlled at all levels by Democrats, is poised to make another effort to fund road work.  It won’t take long to see many of the old arguments and rivalries emerge.

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— Lee Ann Colacioppo, executive editor

Colorado’s attempts to pay for transportation improvements fall far short of other states

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