Post-op hospital patient scarpers wearing only bed sheets to buy himself a beer

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Seemingly oblivious to sub-zero conditions outside, the patient was caught on camera on his mission for the amber nector.

The beer monster has only recently come round in the intensive care ward after surgery and demanded a drink from nurses.

Because he was in hospital and just had an opertion they refused.

But angered and frustrated, he simply got out of bed and then unhooking his tubes, clutching his bed sheets for modesty reasons.

And then he was off.

Like a heat-seeking missile, he then navigated himself half-naked to the nearest grog shop, sporting only an impromptu toga and visible signs of recent surgery.

Brave when you consider it was a bone-chilling -16C.

But then nothing could stand in the way of this man’s beer thirst.

However, when he rocked up in the off-licence in his bed-sheet, nose tube and plasters over the location of his operation, staff decided to err on the side of caution  and not serve him.

A photo taken shortly after the heart-breaking moment shows a visibly broken man, devastated at being knocked back following his epic alcoholic odyssey in arctic conditions.

The police were then called and he was then taken back to hospital – without any beer.

But the hospital Sayanogorsk, Russia, is reviewing its security which was supposed to be on high alert because of a flu epidemic in the region.

It is unclear at what stage the patient was reunited with his beloved beer.

One can only hope it was as soon as possible.

Daily Star Online salutes him for his sheer determination – god bless you sir.

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