Police officer collapses after exposure to drug 50 times stronger than heroin

Horrifying footage shows a police officer collapse and get resuscitated after he overdosed due to accidental exposure to a deadly drug.

Deputy David Faiivae and Corporal Scott Crane of San Diego County Sheriff's Department discovered a mysterious powder at a parking lot during their first radio call of the day on July 3.

Their bodyworn camera videos show the pair testing on the powder, which they suspect could be either cocaine or fentanyl.

When they find out it's fentanyl, Crane warns his trainee "that stuff’s no joke – it is super dangerous" and warned him not to get too close to the powder.

A couple of seconds later, Faiivae takes some steps back and collapses to the floor.

He stares into the sky and struggles for air while Crane rushes over to check on him, asking: "Just breathe, buddy, breathe."

Faiivae then responds in a weak voice: "I'm sorry."

"You’re OK. Don’t be sorry…. I got you, OK?" Crane says as he checks on his pulse. "I’m not going to let you die. I’m not going to let you die."

He races to his patrol car for a nasal spray used to reverse the effects of opioids.

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"I ran over to him and I grabbed him, and he was OD-ing," he later said recalling the disturbing moment.

The Sheriff’s Department said that if not for a quick-thinking partner, Faiivae would be dead.

Undersheriff Kelly Martinez said the video prompted internal discussions about training, as well as the need to release it publicly to demonstrate the dangers of fentanyl, a deadly synthetic drug 50 times more potent than heroin.

Officials are not sure if the fentanyl got onto the deputy’s skin or if he inhaled it.

The department released an edited copy of the body cam video on Thursday but no medical records detailing Faiivae’s exposure.

Faiivae wore gloves as he tested the drug, Martinez said, and had just taken them off when he collapsed.

"I remember not feeling right and then I fell back, I don’t remember anything after that," Faiivae says on the video.

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