Pokemon fan sparks outrage after dog dyed like Pikachu brought to NBA game

A basketball fan has drawn criticism after bringing their dog to an NBA game with it dyed like the most popular Pokemon.

The controversial fan took their pooch to the Miami Heat vs. Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game on December 27 coloured bright yellow with little red cheeks to look like Pikachu.

A clip of the little fluffy hound was put on Twitter by user cjzero and features the match commentators seemingly unable to find the words to describe the little hound.

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They said: “What is that? What in the world?

“I don’t think that dog signed off on that paint job.”

“The “paint job” has drawn the ire of the internet, with many people claiming the move amounts to animal cruelty.

Dye designed for humans can cause damage to animals, sometimes irreparably.

It can even cause cancer or chemical burns.

“That’s freaking gross,” said one user.

Another user, taking a harder line on the move, just said: “Jail”.

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Another user simply tagged PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which focuses on animal abuse and targets perpetrators.

While another said: “Put that pet owner in a cage – behind bars.”

“Idiot ! poor dog, this country is so ridiculous,” commented one Twitter user.

PETA has dedicated a whole webpage to dying animals to make sure pet owners do it safely and to discourage anyone with improper tools from doing it at all.

It explained that: “PETA’s got an issue with those rushing to perform dangerous hair dye procedures on dogs.”

It appealed to the emotional reasons people shouldn't hastily dye their animals.

“Dogs trust their human guardians to keep them safe,” It said.

The outspoken campaign group added: “Dog hair dye jobs can cause dogs to have a serious allergic reaction or stress them out.

“Some animals may even sustain burns or be fatally poisoned by the toxins.

“It’s so important to remember that dogs are not things but individuals.”

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