Pleas for the Army to step in to clampdown on lawless estate dubbed ‘The Zoo’

Locals have asked for the Army to be drafted in to sort out a notorious UK estate nicknamed "The Zoo" where a police van was torched last year.

More commonly known as Halton Moor, the residential streets in Leeds are where hundreds of families live and have become the epicentre of violent clashes with police in the past 18 months.

The estate is scattered with derelict houses, boarded up and covered in graffiti, as well as the remains of fires and urban decay.

Last week police officers were attacked with bricks and fireworks, cars were set ablaze and fireworks aimed through the letterbox of one house on the estate.

Violence and crime have seemingly become part of the day-to-day life on the estate, which is what encouraged one young mother to move away.

And now, following a fresh spree of ugly scenes around Bonfire Night, locals have begged for the Army to come in and sort the estate out, LeedsLive reports.

"It was horrendous, every time I left the house I'd come back and my windows would be smashed in", said Nikki Maycock, 39, who moved away from the area several years ago.

It is so bad on the estate, she said, that even taxis will not drive there.

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Nikki said: "Taxis refused to go up there because they'd have bricks thrown at them. Takeaway drivers wouldn't come up there."

Halton Moor's troubles are well known in Leeds and many people have said that they believe more needs to be done.

Samantha said: "The law needs to change to give the police more power. These scumbags who are terrorising estates everywhere should be severely punished.

"We wouldnt av dreamt of doing owt like this when we were younger, only cos punishment was tougher & the law was stricter bk then [sic]."

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And Stephen said: "Too many snowflakes thats why nothing will be done you cant touch the evil disrespectful little tw*ts it needs a possie of men to go round and teach them a lesson but that won't happen either they need a good hiding simple as [sic]"

Another said that police need to "bring in the rubber bullets and water cannons" and Richard agreed, he said: "Water cannons rubber bullets, then jail!"

But some people believe that it is so bad that The Army need to be brought in to straighten the estate out.

Norma said: "Let the army deal with the trouble makers", while Adam said that "national service is the answer."

Ian said: "Police no control due to lack of funding but the Army however…let them take on these big boys."

But some people have said that the estate has not really changed in recent years, as it was "always a sh*thole" said Rick.

"Nothing new here", said Robert and Caroline agreed, she said: "Halton Moor has been called the Zoo for over 40 years! Unfortunately, as there are a lot of good people living there too."

Andy echoed this, he said: "I remember it been called the zoo back in 80s and it was bad then."

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