Pitbull sinks teeth into horse and hangs from animals mouth in horror attack

A savage pitbull leapt at a horse and sank its teeth into the animal's snout and hung there while the rider recoiled in terror.

The freak incident took place in Águas Lindas de Goiás, a Brazilian municipality in the interior of the state of Goiás, in the midwest of the country on Tuesday (December 27).

In footage of the incident, the dog is seen bolting over to a horse that is attached to a cart and biting it around the legs and body.

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The horse, still attached to the cart, violently kicks out in defence as people try to deter the pitbull with sticks and wooden boards.

But the crazed pooch is undeterred and continues its assault, leaping at the horse's snout and latching onto it.

In the video, a woman is heard screaming for help, adding: "Where is the owner of this dog? Kill that dog over there.”

A resident of the complex where the scene took place told Metrópoles that the horse was making a delivery alongside the men in the cart when the dog freaked out.

According to the man, the dog belonged to another resident of the complex who managed to remove the animal from the scene.

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The horse needed stiches and had injuries to its snout, legs and neck.

The owner of the dog reportedly paid all expenses for the veterinary care of the horse.

In August, a horse worth £56,000 was attacked by a white pitbull cross Australian bulldog in Centennial Park in Sydney in front of shocked passersby.

The beast spent as much as five minutes attempting to bite the distressed horse, according to Daily Mail Australia.

"These dogs can do a lot of damage. Last time we had an attack from a dog like that, the horse had to be put down from the injuries," the owner of the horse told the publication.


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