Pigeons from hell ‘commit murder’ after pushing fellow bird into path of train

It turns out pigeons can be just as brutal as any other species on the planet, with horrifying footage seemingly showing a conniving pair shoving their friend into the path of a train.

TikTok user J-dog and his friends were left gobsmacked after witnessing the brutal "murder" while they were waiting at the platform.

His video, which has gone viral with more than 8.7 million views, shows the two evil birds forcing the other bird to the edge of the platform and eventually making it jump.

A fourth bird flaps its wings as if it is trying to stop them but eventually it flies away.

The user and his group can be heard screaming their lungs out behind the camera: "No! No way this pigeon! Oh no!"

Just before the train approaches, the two birds take off and flee the scene. The "victim" falls into the track and is apparently hit by the train.

"J-dog" wrote in the video that it was something that could happen "only in New York".

He added: "Two pigeons push another pigeon onto train tracks."

The vicious attack left viewers in shock as many viewers believed they had just "witnessed a murder".

One even likened it to a familiar scene in famous gangland movie Goodfellas.

A second wrote: "Who knew pigeon mafia was a thing?"

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A third came up with an imaginary theory, saying: "That pigeon must have forgotten to pay up the pigeon mob or something, and now they had to send him to the track."

Some claimed to have heard a crack when the train passed and believed that the pigeon was killed.

"Did anyone else hear the bird crunch as the train drove over it?" a viewer asked and another confirmed, adding: "I heard a pop."

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