Pets heads chopped off and human poo left in greenhouse in sick break-ins

A number of rabbits are said to have had their "heads chopped off" in a sick spate of break-ins which also saw a nearby neighbour discover human poo in his greenhouse.

The damage occurred at Burn Valley allotment in Hartlepool between Saturday, July 3, and Tuesday, July 6.

Allotment tenants have been left in a state of absolute disgust following the horrifying criminal incidents, TeessideLive reports.

One of the victims of the shocking spate of crime is John Hays, 13, who has used the allotments since was a small child.

He said: "It appears that someone has put their fist through my rabbit hutches, and either stolen or let free two of my pets.

"Whoever it is came equipped because they've managed to take locks off a large pigeon loft in our plot too.

"The tenant next door was also delighted to find his windows smashed and human poo sat in his greenhouse after the break-ins.

"It's absolutely shocking," added the High Tunstall College of Science pupil.

"We've locked everything up and tried our best – what else can we do to keep our things safe?"

John, who said he contacted police about the incidents at Burn Valley, said the spate of "at least five" break-ins took place on consecutive nights.

The incidents follow alarming scenes at Chester Road allotments in Hartlepool, where rabbits allegedly had their "heads chopped off" and a fire burnt a whole plot to a crisp.

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police said: "Police received a report of animals killed at an allotment site on Chester Road, Hartlepool, on Wednesday, June 30.

"Officers would appeal to anyone who may have information to contact them on 101, quoting incident number 110580."

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