Pet camera captures dogs’ cheeky attempt to pretend they weren’t being naughty

A pair of guilty dogs tried their very best to cover up their naughtiness after hearing their owner at the door – but it was all captured on a pet camera.

Siblings Doogy and Naya seized their opportunity when they were home alone back in July to have a good old fashioned tug of war with their blanket.

But when they heard owner Cassidy Crowe reaching the front door everything changed.

The mischievous pair immediately jumped up onto the nearby sofa and did their best innocent pose.

They even both, in unison, looked down at the blanket as if realising the incriminating evidence was still on show.

Unfortunately for Doogy and Naya, their antics were filmed on the 24-year-old’s dog camera.

The video was initially shared to the dogs’ Instagram account @doogybaby. It was then posted by @furbodogcamera where it was seen thousands of times.

Cassidy, who lives with the pooches on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, has since spoken exclusively to Daily Star Online about the incident and the adorable dogs.

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  • “They just heard me coming home at the door,” she said.

    “I don’t know if they were afraid of getting caught playing or just surprised but it ended up being quite funny.”

    It is not the only cheeky antics the pair have got up to recently, with their owner telling this site she recently caught them unravelling a pile of newly-folded clean laundry.

    Cassidy says the pair are “extremely close”.

    “We adopted Doogy first, not knowing he had siblings that survived (as they were born on the street in South Korea) and when we got Naya a few months later Doogy’s entire personality changed,” she said.

    “He never barked before at all, and after Naya came he became much more confident and vocal, and more playful. They sleep cuddling every night and are quite jealous and protective of each other.”

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