‘Pathetic’ China alters medal table to include Hong Kong and Taiwan in sly bid to beat US

China has yet again tried to one-up the Americans on the world stage as state-run media in Beijing tries to suggest Chinese athletes took home the most gold medals The official Olympic medal table shows the United States as by far the most successful nation at the delayed Olympic Games.

Athletes representing the Star Spangled Banner took home 113 medals, including 39 golds.

In comparison, China won 88 medals – 25 less than the Americans – including 38 golds.

But media outlets in the People’s Republic of China added an additional four golds, 5 silvers and 9 bronze medals to their tally.

This is because they deceptively included medals obtained by athletes from Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Macau.

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Under rules set by the International Olympic Committee Hong Kong and the Chinese Taipei compete independently as National Olympic Committees.

Hong Kong and Macau are classified as special administrative regions of China.

Whereas, Taiwan is known as the Republic of China and claims to be independent of the People’s Republic of China.

This means the gold won by Hong Kong fencer Edgar Cheung or the gold won by Taiwanese weightlifter Kuo Hsing-chun cannot be classified as victories for the Chinese.

Twitter uses were quick to pick up on China’s deceptive efforts to rig the result of the 2020 Olympic Games.

One said: “Pathetic. China needs to steal credit for Taiwan’s wins in order to pretend they won the most.”

Another wrote: “Might as well throw in Puerto Rico’s gold medal as well. They’re US Citizens.”

Europhile MEP Guy Verhofstadt similarly claimed victory at the 2020 Games, this time for the European Union.

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He said: “Fun fact, the EU combined has more gold medals than US or China… I’d love to see the EU flag next to the national on athletes’ clothes.”

But this prompted ex-Tory and UKIP MP Mark Reckless to ask: “Is he saying the EU should also be limited to three competitors per event?”

If you combine athletes from the 27 member states of the continental bloc then the EU would have won 77 gold medals.

However, in terms of individual European nations, the UK topped the tally with 22 gold medals.

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