Orangutan moves into derelict church in central London after search for a home

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A homeless orangutan has found a new place to live in an overgrown London church.

Pongo has moved into the derelict place of worship following a two-week search for a new home.

The animatronic orangutan settled on the dilapidated building after falling in love with its vines and flourishing trees.

Pongo was displaced from his real rainforest home in Borneo where he was just one of 100,000 left.

He is now surrounded by trees at St Dunstan in east London having scoured the UK for a fortnight.

The orangutan even hunted for a home on Spareroom after he lost his habitat to deforestation.

Pongo managed to travel across continents thanks to Meridian, a palm oil-free nut butter brand, and International Animal Rescue.

The stunt was to raise awareness that orangutans face extinction if their habitats are not protected.

Campaigners have warned that 24 million hectares of rainforest – an area the size of the UK – was destroyed in Indonesia between 1990 and 2015, primarily to make way for palm oil plantations.

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Managing Director of Meridian Foods, Paul Fraser said: “There are simple steps we can all take to help turn around the fate of the orangutan species. Avoiding foods with palm oil is a starting point.

"By proactively choosing products that don’t contain palm oil, everyone can help reduce demand and deforestation, protecting orangutans like our ambassador, Pongo, in the process. So many products contain palm oil which simply don’t need to.

“And they taste better without it.

“We’re incredibly proud to be certified palm oil free and to be working alongside International Animal Rescue to raise funds that help them rescue and rehabilitate orangutans."

The stunt comes two weeks after Meridian kicked off its #ProtectPongo street art campaign in partnership with environmentalist and renowned artist, Louis Masai.

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