OnlyFans twin forced to flog £500k home after spending tax money on renovations

A Canadian OnlyFans star has been forced to sell her luxury house after running into tax trouble.

Jessica Massie, one of a pair of adult film star twins along with sister Sarah, took to TikTok back in March and told fans she woke up one morning to find she had nothing left in her bank account, declaring: "I have no more money".

Both twins, 24, also claimed they'd filed their taxes in good faith this year, but Revenue Canada deemed that Jessica hadn't paid the correct amount and took action.

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"I had to call my bank and they informed me that my account had been seized," she told TVA Nouvelles.

"I found myself without an account and without money."

Jessica explained she had used her money to build a luxury house after unforeseen circumstances meant she had miscalculated the amount of money she'd need to make the swanky pad a reality.

She now said the money she spent on the house was actually supposed to be used to pay her taxes.

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"I should have prioritised my tax debt before finishing my house," Jessica said.

Jessica had assumed she'd be able to come to an agreement with the Canadian government to pay the balance over a period of 24 months instead of all at once.

But the government refused and less than two weeks later her bank account was seized, with all her money being removed until she pays back the outstanding balance.

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And now the star from Quebec has had to put her house on the market.

The luxury residence, built in 2022 in the small town of L'Ange-Gardien, is now listed on the market for CA$849,900 (£509,647).

The stunning home is less than a two hours' drive from Montreal and has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and even a separate powder room.

The open-plan main level features a foyer, living room, kitchen and dining room and, according to the listing, boasts panoramic mountain views.

The house sits right next to sister Sarah's almost identical house, which is also up for sale for the exact same price.

And Sarah believes it's only a "matter of time" before she suffers the same fate as her sister.

The twins say they accept the situation is their own fault but insist it wasn't their plan to intentionally con the taxman.

As self-employed workers on OnlyFans, they said they were confused by the tax rules as the amount they make each month tends to fluctuate.

Jessica added the amount of tax she owed was much higher than she expected as she could barely claim any business expenses.


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