OnlyFans streamer Amouranth hit with surprising Twitch ban after adult star row

A Twitch streamer who cleaned up her act after receiving five temporary suspensions from the site has been mysteriously barred again, coming days after a row with a porn star.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, a hot tub streamer and one of the platform's biggest stars, has been handed five temporary suspensions from Twitch in the past, but has behaved herself since 2021.

And once again a visit to her page heralds Twitch’s infamous ban message about the Terms of Service being violated, but no one is quite sure why after Amouranth has not streamed for days.

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However, some amateur detectvies think a recent spat with Adriana Chechik might have something to do with it. On April 27, the former porn star starting laying into Amouranth, who also has OnlyFans, saying she has "no respect" for her.

She dragged her personality and even called her a “clout-chasing dumb*ss.”

“You wanna meet girls on stream and they’re going to be nice. Im gonna be honest with you, and this is calling her out. Amouranth’s probably going to be a f*cking c**t because she loves being a b*tch in her life. But other hot tub streamers are going to be nice,” Chechik said during the rant.

She added, whilst playing Resident Evil 4, that “she doesn't "have any respect for her anymore. I used to have respect for her [but then that changed]."

In response, Amourant challeneged the former popular porn star to a boxing match. “I’ll challenge her in the ring. Catch me outside, how about that?” she said.

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According to Twitch guidelines, attempts or threats to physically harm others is a bannable offense whether it’s on the platform or not, Dextero reported.

“Twitch enforces against certain severe offenses that occur off Twitch when committed by members of the Twitch community, up to an indefinite suspension on the first offense for some behaviors,” it reads.

Amouranth, who is also an OnlyFans creator, previously revealed that one of her favourite requests is “ball-crushing” videos.

She said one viewer requested that she digs into the region with her stilettos and “mutilate” them.

Talking about another odd request, she told Dexerto: "Another one wanted me to inflate myself like a balloon or pretend to.

"I wasn’t sure how to do that one. That’s a weird fetish for sure."

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