OnlyFans star seen sobbing in court as shes denied bail for stabbing boyfriend

An OnlyFans star accused of murdering her boyfriend was seen sobbing in court after a judge ruled she would not be allowed out on bail.

Courtey Clenney made millions on the X-rated content site before killing Christian Obumseli, 27, after an argument inside their Miami apartment in April 2022.

The 26-year-old model denies the charges of second-degree murder and her lawyers are arguing she acted in self-defence.

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Clenney, who has been pictured covered in her tragic lover’s blood and was caught on audio unleashing horrific racist abuse, was bidding to be released on bail ahead of the trial.

But Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Laura Shearon Cruz denied her appeals as there “is no dispute” that she killed Obumseli and the court is only trying to determine if he was killed in self-defence.

Prosecutors also pointed out that Clenney’s eye-watering sums earned from selling explicit pictures online means there is a risk she could flee to a country with no extradition treaty with the United States before facing justice.

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An extensive amount of evidence has built up against the racy content producer, including revelations about the toxicity of her relationship with her boyfriend.

One CCTV clip released by the Florida State Attorney's Office showed her attacking Obumseli in a lift just a few months before his death.

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In another clip, recovered from the victim’s iPhone, Clenney can be heard shouting at him: “Shut up and let me slap you.”

Obumseli’s family attorney Larry Handfield claimed the evidence was “shocking” and said it showed “a consistent pattern with someone who is unhinged and out of control”.

But lawyers representing Clenney still insist their client stabbed Obumseli in self-defence, pointing to bodycam footage recorded by cops the day before that showed her in floods of tears and begging for a restraining order.

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