OnlyFans goddess flees to Switzerland to avoid paying tax on raunchy content

A top OnlyFans star has revealed she has moved to Switzerland – to avoid paying taxes on money earned with her racy adult content.

Mady Gio, 27, had previously lived in Italy, which is where she filmed her adult content.

The Italian-Romanian, whose real name is Madalina Ioana Filip, had previously showed off her huge cards, including a Lamborghini, on social media – an indication of how much she earns.

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It was thought that in August 2022, she earned a whopping £140k.

And the influx of cash has seen her flee Italy and head for a less tax-heavy lifestyle in Switzerland, as Italy charges an eye-watering 27.9%.

In Switzerland, however, charges start as low as 0.77%. Savings that the star says have helped her buy a new villa and high-end sports car.

Explaining her decision, she said: “In Italy, unfortunately, the percentage of taxes and contributions is out of the ordinary.”

She has no overheads, as she has no crew or team helping her to manage her content.

And it was when a fan suggested that she start showing more of her "assets" last year that she ended up raking it in – and giving herself a tax problem.

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Previously describing herself as wearing a Steve Jobs-like sweater in some content, she said: “I had an Instagram profile with 80 followers, until my sister asked me to make a video on TikTok while we were at the beach.

“A stupid ballet, only that in a few days on Instagram they start following me en masse and I reach a million followers.

“And it's the fans who tell me to try Onlyfans.

“Only I didn't want to do porn and they tell me: just wear underwear and a bathing suit, and so it went.”

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Mady now has 1.2 million Instagram followers, and often poses in very revealing outfits.

For her non-nude OnlyFans content she charges around £30 per month – although her last post, from January 28, says that she has finally started doing porn.

She wrote: “Finally, for the first time it happened, I really went further, I did what is never done before – FIRST PORN.”

Her fans love her content, especially on Instagram.

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In response to a video of her posing in front of one of her sports cars, a fan wrote: “That OnlyFans money hitting different.”

And a second wrote: “Your body is that of a goddess.”

She also streams on Twitch, although her more than 80k followers don't have much content to watch, as the account has no videos recorded on it at all.

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